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Family Photography: An Anchor

Judith Brock Photography

Our homes play an important role in our upbringing. Many hours are spent decorating, planning, and getting the home “just right.” Atlanta Brookhaven had the opportunity to sit down with Judith Brock of Judith Brock Photography and learn the vital role photography plays in decorating a home.

Q: You’ve said you believe the most important thing in family photography is putting artwork on the walls. Why do you believe that so strongly?

A: Its been clinically proven that children growing up in homes with family photography on the walls have higher rates of self-esteem. Psychologist Judy Weiser says children receive the message “These people have me as part of what they are, that’s why I belong here. This is where I came from”. In a culture that can easily make families feel disconnected from those closest to us, family photography hanging as wall art can be a great anchor.

Q: How do you approach the family photography process?

A: I really listen to the client, discovering what it is in each of their relationships that melts their hearts. Do the moms love a certain look when their toddler is playing quietly? What does it feel like to Dad to come home and have his little ones race up and cling to his legs? During the session, my job is to capture and honor these moments that mean the most to the family.

Q: Great! Then what?

A: Then we walk through their home and determine the best places and products that will perfectly display these connections. During a design consultation, I project their photographs directly onto the wall where their artwork will be displayed, and we choose and order the best size for those dimensions. Whether it’s a canvas , metal, acrylic, or framed photography, it’s a seamless and fun process from start to finish. Everything is approached from a design perspective, custom to their personality and the design of their home. After their artwork is ordered and arrives, I complete the process by hanging it for them. I LOVE the feeling when kids walk by their wall art and squeal and point themselves out. It is such a fulfilling gift to be able to share with my wonderful clients.

Q. Sounds fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Where can someone see your work and get in touch with you?

My website is www.judithbrockphotography.com and my phone number is 770-374-0593. Thanks so much for letting me share!

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