Notices of Assessment are addressed to the owner of the property as of January 1, 2015, and mailed to the  property address. If a home has been sold in the first half of the year, the Notice of Assessment will most likely  be forwarded with the Seller’s mail. Sellers agree, on the 4th page of the HUD, to immediately forward these  notices to Purchasers.
Purchasers should check online to obtain Notice of Assessment information (mail forwarding is unreliable).

Once the Notice of Assessment is mailed, the homeowner has 45 days to file an appeal of the appraised value. If a property is appraised at a value higher than the purchase price, it is in the interest of both Purchasers and Sellers to make sure that an appeal is filed on time. They are each responsible for a portion of the taxes for 2015.

Seller agrees on the 4th page of the HUD to pay additional amounts due for taxes resulting from reassessment.
“If the proration of ad valorem property taxes, assessments or any other fee is made based on estimated amounts prior to receipt of current amounts due, Purchaser and Seller agree to adjust said prorations based on the actual base amount due between them after closing and immediately remit to the other the funds to make said prorations correct. Seller agrees to immediately forward any subsequent bills or notices received to Purchaser and to immediately remit to Purchaser the amounts for any taxes, assessments, penalties, interest or any other fees due, resulting from any assessment, reassessment or rebill, attributed to the time prior to the closing date.”

–   excerpt from “Acknowledgement and Receipt of Settlement Statement” (4th/signature page of HUD)
Below please find information regarding Notices of Assessment for the major Metro-Atlanta Counties:

Gwinnett County – most were mailed April 3, 2015            770-822-7200


Fulton County – expect to mail between May 15-June 15, 2015            404-612-6440


DeKalb County – expect to mail by May 31, 2015 404-371-2471


Cobb County – expect to mail by May 8, 2015                   770-528-3100


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